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  1. Ordered a pre radiused/slotted board from stewmac. Also ordered pre cut and radiused frets at the recommendation of Rabs. While looking into this I have found that unless I want to jump into full production mode, it will be much cheaper for a small quantity of builds to just buy the pre slotted pre radiused stuff
  2. Tomorrow will be day 1 of the first build. I’ve been telling one of my coworkers about my plans and he wants to build one now too so he’s going to start his build tomorrow with me. He doesn’t play guitar but he has some cool ideas. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I don’t have my trussrod or fretboard yet so I dunno how far I’ll get tomorrow but I’ll order some stuff I need from stewmac tonight. my goal is to have a LP Jr double cut body mostly complete tomorrow and a neck blank ready to route the truss rod channel. I have a lot of mahogany available at the shop but depending on what I can find I am curious about doing a 5 piece neck similar to what you’d see on a Norlin 335 Just had to share my excitement a bit here.. I will post pics tomorrow!
  3. As others have said these pickups are really new so not many of us here have much experience with them. That said, I see no reason to swap them preemptively. The stock pickups seem interesting As for a PAF style recommendation, for me at this point it is definitely the Gibson “custombucker” that I have in my new Les Paul. Best sounding pickups I’ve personally used. They are just a little “sweeter” sounding than other humbuckers I’ve used. Don’t know how to define that better.. Less muddy but not shrill? Make sure to take the guitar to a respectable tech if you do any electronics work. It will have to be fished through the F hole and the guy at GC is not going to be trustworthy for that job
  4. I doubt anybody here can help you find the exact paint. It looks similar to Fender Lake Placid Blue. Got any pictures of the guitar though? It’s almost always preferable to keep the guitar in original condition vs refinishing. Unless the guitar is really trashed you probably shouldn’t refinish
  5. If you google alpine white burst it pops right up with a model called the “Signature T” It seems likely that this would be the model in question rather than a Standard. Looks like it has the features of a normal “Standard” anyway so the seller is probably confused. Whether you like the trade or not is up to you. From what I can tell this trade values the Marshall around $300 which seems low considering the original price of about $1,500
  6. That thing has a bigger engine than my truck (which is not slow). Must be so fun to drive!! congrats that looks amazing
  7. I was really sad to hear this.. He’s right up there with any of the best guitarists of all time, it’s just a matter of who’s your personal favorite at that level. We should all strive to have the kind of skills he had
  8. IMO first set up the nut correctly then add lubrication. I would use graphite before using Vaseline or something like that
  9. Aside from being #1 it looks like the SN says “cool”
  10. Adjustable tuners are on every guitar, those other things in Walmart are tennis rackets
  11. Are you stocking up for Thanksgiving or was it just time to get some champagne? We will be firing off some Clicquot and Dom this Thanksgiving for sure
  12. My girlfriend and I are going to Utah next weekend. I think I’ll get a bottle to celebrate over there 🥳
  13. Wow what a STUPID “tech” at GC.. seriously never take a guitar to GC for “luthier” work
  14. Dude nice collection.. how does the R7 compare to the R9?
  15. Forgive me for posting such a beginner level topic but I was surprised how much I learned and benefitted from this video.. When I got my new LP I noticed the tech at Wildwood had tied the strings to the tuning pegs in knots. I’ve never tried this before but the tuning stability was excellent. I’ve been experimenting with different strings on the LP and figured I’d try a different method of installing the strings as well. Until now, I have been using what he calls the “fast wrapping method” in this video. That’s the way I learned from my dad and I thought aside from locking tuners that’s pretty much the only way to install strings. Now having seen this video, I’ve been using the “tech method” and I gotta recommend that you guys try it if you haven’t heard of this before. It takes a bit of practice getting the right length of string to start with but even the strings that I screwed up a bit on my first try stayed in tune beautifully. With a good setup and this tuning method, my LP is always perfectly in tune when I pull it out of the case and bends etc never pull it out of tune
  16. I’ve been hoping to see Pip around too. Can you believe I’ve never had Cristal? Gotta get a bottle now
  17. You bought it? I’m a fan, I have two
  18. So when you turn the knob counter clockwise it gets louder? A Gibson? Unless they used reverse log pots which is highly unlikely then your tapers are all screwed up. So there is most likely a problem other than the counterintuitive user interface It would be really easy to fix this by swapping the wires between lugs 3 and 1 (the two outer lugs) on each offending pot
  19. The guy looks like a mascot for a BBQ sauce corporation to me Not really a Strat fan over here so I shouldn’t comment but 🤢 no me gusta
  20. Legend also has it the lack of maple adds snap to the SG. Never understood that double standard in marketing I’m skeptical how much difference it would make but I wouldn’t be surprised either if it did make a noticeable difference. Maple is much more dense than mahogany. I used to think these things are silly but there probably is actually something to it. Whether or not that something is important is the question (for me). I would guess it would be a very minute difference
  21. That’s sweet!! Looks like the one from Shut Up n Play Yer Guitar Congrats!
  22. Dub-T-123


    I just took a better look at the photos and see what you mean with the cracks in the lacquer. It looks like the wood of the guitar shrunk slightly due to moisture related issues causing the finish to crack. This shouldn’t affect playability at all but is a cosmetic blemish that should be noted by the seller
  23. Dub-T-123


    Have you tried cleaning it? That looks like “finger cheese” on the binding. $1,955 seems like a lot for that model
  24. After converting that to inches I agree. 43mm is the perfect size. That is pretty much exactly the same as what you’ll find on a typical new Gibson as well. The late 60s SGs had a particularly narrow nut width. The new ones are not like that. You could easily get a really nice new SG for under $2,500 with a more practical neck
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