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A warm tune for warmer times


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Now after a loooong black'n'white season, it seems spring is slowly showing her face over here.

Very needed - not least because I count on warmer temperatures to bring my hearing back in 100 - it's still between 10 and 15 % strange.

Not in the cans though - so here is a celebration of the time in front of us all.

Here Comes The Enjoy if possible - have a good weekend


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Excellent !


been rather spring like the last few days here too...and I've also been playing this with the morning rising sun. ... not as nice as you mind Em7


there were a few little phrazes I was missing on the guitar...so thanks for that.


Really really excellent... it's a pleasure to hear your posts.

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Yea..it's the sdame as last posts from Em7


same here, but I thought was just me.


thanks for the correction del -


I think aside from the original and a version James Taylor and YoY Ma do, that's the next best version going. Sweet on the vocals too [thumbup]

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And thank you for the positive comments and fixing the link I checked it before launching and it worked on Explorer not on Chrome. So I copied the Explorer link to the Chrome version (they are different in lay-out also), but apparently still had probswhen it came out.


Anyway, , , you managed to reach it. It could have been played on the Hummingbird I guess, but it had new strings and sang too loud and jangling. The F-bird was out of the question as it is too fat sounding for all the notes, which is almost true for the actual Mart. D-18 as well. Still I chose that one because it has the same extraordinary nice set-up and action as the 2 mentioned.


But thanx again fellow-members appreciated a lot.


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