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If the "effort" of moving along the neck is just too much, it might be time to get a different hobby. Dean, you've been out on the edges, on the fringe, long time, with Roman, Lawrence, couple others. I'm sorry bros, but Leo made it first, and he almost made it perfect. There just isn't anything else you can do that him and these guys haven't already pretty much done.



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Well, I'll likely take static for this, but I've never cared for Fender 6-string necks. Period.


OTOH, in the beginning era of electric guitar, nobody did more in very different ways, to promote the electric instrument than Gibson and Fender. The '50s were incredible; they gave us both Gibson and Fender concept guitar shapes, pups and even playing concepts that have proven classic.


So in a sense, virtually everything afterward has been a variation on the theme. A few like Rickenbacker have held on too - and again with variations on the 1950s themes.


I'm with Bender on the concept that various sorts of "engraving" on firearms and, by extension, guitar necks, were invented and used to increase the potential grip.


OTOH, when used on a guitar neck, I can see a difference in technique. One holds a firearm with a degree of static tension designed to hold it as steady as possible. On a guitar, one is making frequent adjustments in one's hold, especially if playing up and down the neck as in rock/country, jazz or classical guitar. I don't see that it would necessarily be "bad' to have the potential of a better "grip" at a given neck position as long as it down't "grab" in the way that a firearm's "checkering" tends to do. Then again, the relatively inexpensive techniques of faux checkering via "pressing" woods on a firearm ain't done all that much good in aiding the grip and that, it appears, is roughly what this "dean" neck has been created to be.


Frankly in our electronic age, I'm not at all a critic of AE guitars complete to tuners, yet with a dead battery, the preamp and tuner don't work. Nor am I critical of "electric" tuning mechanisms. They're handy especially if one uses alternative tunings, work traditionally when there ain't electricity unlike a preamp or many "active" pups, ditto.



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