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Finally at last! I own a Gibson Les Paul!


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Last month I was looking at guitars and researching all over the net and watching YouTube videos until my eyes went out. At 1st I got myself a Fender Stratocaster and like it. Then I went and bought a Epiphone Les Paul. I liked both for a short time. But my eyes were on a Gibson in the end. So I get a call from my buddy at GC and he told me bring back both the Fender and Epiphone. I was like what's the catch, he told me he'd get me a great deal on a Gibson Les Paul. I was sold, so I took everything back and the rest is history!


I'm so damn happy he hooked me up with an awesome deal for great axe! Once I played it, I fell in love with it. I'll never look back! Rock on Gibson Les Paul's! Here's a picture of my new Gibson. It's a Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe II 50s Vintage Sunburst!



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exellent score wicked !!

now you have a "wicked lester" (kiss 1st name)


i'd do like many Native Americans and wait until you notice some standout characteristic it has before naming it.




Thanks Bender! It'll take me some time before I find a great name for it!

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