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NEW ES-335 Lemon Burst


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The original ES-335 in natural, vintage sunburst, or cherry finish is a classic for both style and tone, but there was rarely much figured wood in the equation—or at least the kind of flamed maple that gives its solid-bodied cousin the Les Paul such elevated beauty. Enter the ES-335 Lemon Burst from Gibson Memphis, a guitar that reclaims a slice of lusciously faded elegance for the legendary semi-acoustic, while retaining all of the key ingredients of a killer dot-neck ES-335. Dressed in an irresistible rendition of the sun-drenched finish that’s so popular on many Les Pauls, the ES-335 Lemon Burst pulls no punches in the tone department, giving you everything you’d expect from the world’s most versatile electric guitar.


The ES-335 Lemon Burst from Gibson Memphis recreates the feel of the ‘50s original. A laminated maple top and back (with Grade-AAA outer face on the top) are joined to a solid maple core with carved spruce braces and basswood rim liners. The quartersawn mahogany neck is glued in, and carved in a comfortable, slim profile that measures .800” at the 1st fret and .875” at the 12th. The one-piece rosewood fingerboard has cream binding and pearl dot inlays, like the revered early-era ES-335s. To complement the gorgeous looks while ensuring full PAF-certified tone, a pair of DiMarzio™ Double Cream© DP103 humbuckers with no covers takes pickup duties, wired through the traditional four-knob control section with Switchcraft™ three-way switch. And legendary Gibson Memphis craftsmanship plus a final set-up on the PLEK ensures that it all plays superbly. Put it all together and it’s a stunning sounding semi-acoustic, with the looks to go up against the most elegant guitars out there.





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Lol! Man, those lemon bursts always make me think of food - lemon drizzle cake obviously springs to mind.


Also, has anyone else noticed if you look at the back of a banjo body you have sudden urges for walnut cake?

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Ooooohhhh! I Like That ! ! !


A few odd things, though;

The DiM's have been mentioned. Why? I'm sure they're good but Why? Just to get the double-cream look (I believe DiM has the patent for that)?

The heavily beveled 'guard seems too thick for the part. A slim-profile cream 'guard would have been more elegant IMO.

And I don't prefer Grovers over Klusons; too much mass at the wrong end of the stick.


But would I give one house-room? Hell Yes!




...thanks to the lack of nibs just like the 50s original with the 60s neck...

You scared me there, Steve, but I'm pretty sure it does have nibs. Phew!



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I do love a Lemon Burst color for sure!


I hate dot-necks, and in general am not particularly fond of coverless (open-bobbin) humbuckers...


But it's an ES so it gets a pass... (more or less)


Funny, the 50's wiring viddie is the exact video where I found myself preferring the modern wiring scheme sound a while ago...


I don't know what it is about his demo, but I actually liked the modern wiring tones on that vid better...

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