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Had no real intention of acquiring a new guitar during this year's Homecoming gathering in Bozeman, Montana, USA. But then I bump into Dave for SLC in Music Villa - and he told me I had to try the Sunburst J-35 hanging in the corner. The instant the I heard his words, I knew I was doomed. You see, on the previous 2 Homecomings Dave also pointed out 2 guitars that ended up lightening the pocket, and taking up space in my car on the trip home. I had no real intention those years either. So, I play te Sunburst J-35 for about 20 seconds, handed it to the shop owner at Music Villa, and asked "How much?" He shot me a fair price, and the deal was done, all within mere moments of having been steered to this guitar by our SLC Forum member.


Gorgeous tone. Later I learn from some of the factory reps on site that this was a "one-off" guitar. Anyway, bringing this home as a gift for my son.


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