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Okay Which One of You Bought This Amp?


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Just when I was getting ready to paypal them and "poof" it sold [cursing]


Ok obviously I'm kidding because even if I had that kind of money I wouldn't drop it on an amplifier - and I mean on any amplifier & for $50,000 you'd think the seller would have thrown in free shipping [flapper]


Here's the link to "the one that got away" :rolleyes:





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He probably already has 4. He has some of the best guitars out there, but at lest he plays them.


I know he has a few - but he's a gear hound...he can't stop buying. Can't say as I blame him.

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Dumbles are irritatingly over rated. In the late 90's you could play them all day at any decent guitar show. meh. Grainy gained marshall is all.




Having never played through one I can easily agree with you because that price - on ANY amp - is ridiculous. Having said that... I wish I had one to sell [biggrin]

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I'd be interested to play through one just so as to have first-hand knowledge of the thing.


I know the circumstances in the following tale are very different from a real player but, running the risk of coming across as utterly conceited...

Yesterday evening I was invited over to play with some friends. I took along my R0 and the newly acquired D'Angelico.

With surprising regularity folks (some of whom are actually musicians...lol!) were commenting on how sweet was the tone produced by the combination of guitars and amp.

The amp I had dragged along was this one;




The name-plate is, of course, just a joke made from paper and gold ink. The amp cost me under $30 brand new.

In my current situation, it seems, I have no urgent need of a Dumble.





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