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Love the color! Bet it sounds awesome

Hi DTGREGG, thank you :) the past couple of months I've done a few modifications to her, the Bigsby B5 being the most recent. I installed a Gibson Angus Young and Gibson 57 Classic, she has a sweet biting roar. I've never had a guitar that resonates so well, strum a chord and you feel it through the body and neck. :)


kind regards, Emma :)

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I got it used for $600 in February. I just put P-94's in it today. I will change the pic on my photobucket when I take one.

Hi FZ Fan, how you finding the P-94's? I changed the pups in my SG, I like the fact you can give your guitar a different 'voice'. Looking forward to the photos. [thumbup]


Kind regards, Emma :)

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Nice setup....how do you like the custom Hiwatt combo?..good all around amp?


Hey buddy, the combo's great, it's the David Gilmour Sig model.

The amp sounds fantastic with truly stunning clean tones and frequency response.(classic British clean)

It's completely clean and will not overdrive(as specified by Dave) but it takes pedals very well, so i run it with a Hiwatt tube distortion pedal,Univox superfuzz NOS parts clone and a Watkins Copicat Clone.


The amp on its own is good for blues and jazz, featuring a normal,bright and linked input. Powered by 2x el34''s and 4x ecc 83s.

I have played a very limited amount of amps but heard lots...and for me this is Epic.lol

post-73112-037558200 1437418584_thumb.jpg

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