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Would You Really Know the Difference? Really?

Mr. Robot

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O:) While we are in a challenging mood (see Thundergod's post on Les Paul Customs ) here is a poser for my fellow Gibson connosieurs:


If Gary Moore was playing "Still Got the Blues" and ran a 335 through his rig rather than a Les Paul, do you reckon any of you guys would pick up the difference - IF you were not looking for it or expecting it? :-k :-k :-k


I'm not saying you wouldn't - but I am interested in this issue, given they are both humbuckers and Still Got the Blues uses a fair amount of compression and overdrive from what I can tell - which can mask some of the tonal issues.


If the guitar was clean, it would be a monty.

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I can't say anything to the specific combination of peddles and amps that Gary Moore uses, but on my set up with a Vox ac15 and ES 339 (humbuckers) you could easily tell the difference from my LP Standard. The ES 339 had a much heaver bass and as said before a hollow tone full of serious feedback. I had to turn down. Way down for the 339.


So I go with a yes, easily. I understand the issue was with the ES 335, but unless I'm mistaken the main difference is in center support mechanism. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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