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Something different ( color wise )


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Thanks every one.

First time I have sprayed that color, but I really like it.

The camera does not really show the candy color very well, but it's a beautiful deep candy blue.


I thought for fun, I might post four different guitars all painted with a different type of paints and see if any one could tell the difference in the richness of colors , or the overall gloss.

Being this is a Gibson forum, I should be posting paint jobs on Gibson guitars, but it seems like its about 4-5 Fender guitars to 1 Gibson guitar.

I am also a member of the Fender, Gretsch, Guild, Mosrite forums but damn! they have some stuckup som*****es on some of those forums.

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That looks sweet, Bill! Since you say you're on the Mosrite forum, does that mean you have a Mosrite?


Hi Travis. This is my Mosrite. Found it at a garage sale for $75.00. The neck was off, and all the parts were in a box. It was painted a butt- ugly maroon color , so I refinished the neck, and shot the body in a pearl metallic orange. It did not have a case, so I built the case for it.

I have the reverb/echo box ready to ship to you, just been too busy the last couple of days to get to the post office.


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