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Feel the Terror!


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Got her yesterday! I haven't a whole lot of time to mess with her, but so far this amp is the closest I have gotten to the tone in my head (with gear that I actually own. The Marshall Plexis at GC and the Fargen, Mercury demos on youtube don't count lol). Normally i play on the clean channel through my HRD using an OD setting on my Boss ME-50. But with the TT, I have already found that sound...without pedals and with all the complexities of all-tube overdrive. The critics are pretty much right on when they say this is a one trick pony, but my god, what a trick. i don't care though- I certainly wasnt after sparkling cleans when I bought her.


I will admit that the price tag is pretty high for what you get, but I bought mine for a LOT less than what most retailers are selling them for, so I got a helluva deal. Over the past year, I bought and returned a Epi VJ and a Blackheart Little Giant. I also spent some time with the Egnater Rebel. I am not going to lie, the TT freakin' smokes all three of those amps for what I was looking for. With those amps, the appeal of course is the price tag and the features, which is where the TT strikes out a bit. But the 70s hard rock tone kicks the everliving piss out of all 3 of those amps. If you haven't played one yet, do so now if you are looking for delicious hard rockin ' raunch and roll!!!




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Congratulations man, looks good... the only think I never liked about the head version was that it didnt have the amount of orange you expect from... an orange. But the combo looks sweet, and I asume it sounds as good as the head.


Congrats again, hope you enjoy it very much (somebody is going to have one hell of a weekend... )

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Nice, RX. Report back one more time when you get some hours on the Terror, will you. I'd like to hear what you think 'down the road a piece'.




The Hall Groper

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Nice amp FennRx!


Let me start off by saying welcome to the dark..I mean Orange side!

Yes, Orange amps are more expensive but they will hold their own over time and their

craftsmanship is by far the best I have ever experienced. I took both my head and cabinet apart and

the insides were clean, with no cut corners or sloppy assembly techniques. They really take pride

in their products.


You got yours for the same reason I did....I love that late 60's early 70's rock sound.

The Orange has all of that and comes with Mojo included.



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it started about 2 weeks ago when i played what i think was a used rockoverb 50 (?) head thru a marshall 412 at Guitar Denter. even at the lower volume level, i was amazed. i became obessed and went hunting for them on ebay and from a dealer over at MLP. But the price tag was more than i wanted to spend. but on sunday night, i made what i thought was tirekicker offer to an orange dealer on ebay and woke up on monday to see i had won. so here i am.


of course, since you have the big guy yours is prolly made in england. mine is made in china. we'll see how good of quality she is. i will say that right off the bat, i think the tolex is nicer sturdier than the tolex on my Fender HRD, which was made in their over-the-border factory. time will tell.

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