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Playing my first guitar again


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I still play my first guitar. it's an Ibanez Acoustic starter pack guitar. It's served me quite well for the action being high and the strings rusting out pretty quick... But the rust just appears because it's never inside a case I guess. I won third place at a contest with it playing Led Zep's Tangerine. Good times.


My first electric guitar is collecting dust in a very dark corner and I absolutely dispise it. It reminds me how gullible I was to spend 300EUR for a 50USD worth axe. It's an ESP F-10 starter.. it came with a small amp.. and I guess it got me into playing more. I just haven't picked it up since I got the LP Studio and don't plan on.


Oh yeah, when I got brave enough, I looked 'under the hood' of my ESP F-10 and was even more upset.. that shop sold me a handmedown for full price. Wires were cut and 'taped' together unprofessionally. If I knew that, I'd have bargained the price down.. but then.. if I had known anything about guitars I'd have left that store and bought a better one elsewhere in the first place!


The only time I resort to buying stuff there is the 'toxic' lemon-oil fret polish and finish polish that can't be sent overseas.

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I still have and still play my first ever guitar...


She's in bad shape full of dents and dinks with a nice fracture in the body where the neck joins!


She has awsome tone and is a breeze to play! She very rarely needs tuning!!


She is semi retirement at the moment!


Here's a few pics


She's a Washburn KC20V from the the 80's..









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I still have the first guitar I ever purchased' date=' 1979 Yamaha FG350 acoustic guitar.....




The poor thing needs a fret polish but this is a 30 year old guitar. It sounds unbelievable, and it still goes camping with me every year. Its got some serious mojo also. Its been all over the world with me also. I dont know what the quality of Yamaha guitars is today but this thing was put together very well. I paid 179.00 for it back then; would love to know what it would sell for now. Not out right selling it but if I was to purchase the exact guitar again but in todays money.


I have a Yamaha FG340, bought it used last year for $80, it's looks great and sounds pretty good.


I bought my first guitar from Sears, around 1978. I still have it. Cosmetically it's in great shape but I don't play because it sounds like CHIT.

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ill throw in some pics for 5hits and giggles


plenty of healthy dings in this old squier, the plastic at the neck pickup is worn away, haha always been like that, and has a healthy crack at each side of the neck heel, whammy is not functional, a faded circle is below the bridge from a sticker my brother must have put on and taken off before i got it, i remember jammin with it in my first band, still stays in tune and plays well, but im so glad and thankful i have moved on and upgraded



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It looks like you and me are the only ones that still got them


Nay' date=' Nay and thrice Nay!


I still have the Grant 'Gold-top' Les Paul I bought with my Christmas money in 1976. I swapped out the pups on my following birthday the next July for a pair of DiMarzio 'Dual Sound's. They cost me more than the guitar did.


Incidentally; I think the DS's only came out in '76. Does this put them up there with the '58 '59 and '60 LP's?


Co-incidentally, I was looking at the DiMarzio website the other day (following on from some Forum talk) and saw the resistance fig. for the Dual Sound as being over 10.0 !! Considering Gibson tried to maintain a figure of "...around 8.0..." I thought that amazingly high! Than again, they weren't (at that time) trying to re-create the PAF.


She's buried in her Flight case (which [i']also[/i] cost more than the guitar! What was my reasoning!?) at the back of a cupboard, but I think that she deserves her 15 'Warhol' minutes.


I'll post a snap or two.

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I still have my 2nd guitar, the '61 Melody Maker I got in '69.


The fretboard is now "scalloped", it's been stripped and clear coated, I've got a million hours on it, and it's hangin' on the wall with the rest of the arsonal. Tuned and ready, although it doesn't leave the house anymore.



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