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hey all got me a real amp today


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Ok I know i posted about amps before but this is to tell everyone about my new (used) amp I am so excited to tell ya....


I just scored my first marshall tube amp....

Used jcm2000 dsl 401 dual super lead 12" combo celestian gold has DI and fx loop and i had to order the footswitch but i got it for $350....

Plugging into it now at home.;.. whooohooo

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i like the way they sound when using an ocd pedal




So i just got home with the footswitch for the amp, only it is not the footswitch for this amp... GC ordered a 3 way footswitch with led's but it has an xlr style pin connector, only with like 5 or 6 pins and slightly smaller. My amp needs a 1/4 cable. I asked the guy if i needed a cable and he opened the box and told me it was there. I gave a glance and saw the cable, and being that i told him already that it was a 1/4" connection i figured it would be the right cable.


On another note, I also just got home with a brand new ocd pedal. cheez you are awesome to mention that i am so happy to have this sound i feel bad for all the guitar players who can shred but do not have this gear. because im still fairly a noob and my tone search has reached its destination... aside from still looking for a dd3 delay when i get more cash


EDIT: i got the Boss DD3 Digital Delay today... so les paul studio w/57's + ocd + dd3 +jcm2000 dsl 401 = UNBELIEVABLE

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