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Looks like a headstock repair to me, too.

Seller claims;


"There is lacquer checking near the base of the headstock that some have contended is a neck repair, but appears to just be surface level to me...I am far from an expert, so take it as you will..."


Luckily for me it doesn't appeal at all for the asking price. IMO it's far too knackered and non-original to be worth $7,500 / £5,380.



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Not a $7500 guitar IMO. Buckle rash and nice gash on the back by the control plate. Worn frets, mismatched pickups and that doesn't look like checking or crackle on the back of the neck either. Probably a busted off headstock and not that great of repair or you wouldn't see that line that follows the contour of the volute all the way around. Then there is the hole drilled in the top with a piece of metal sticking out that is non functional.


The top is stunning looking and I would see how it caught your eye. But I wonder what it sounds like? Rosewood is normally used for fretboards on LPs and for backs and sides on acoustic guitars. Has a nice round full bass tone on acoustics. But what does it sound like on top of a mahogany LP? Surely not the spank and sparkle of maple. [thumbdn][scared]

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Yeah - not worth the asking price at all for all the reasons already stated. I don't like his 2 negatives in the past 12 months either. If this was all original - still not worth that price. I'm probably more picky than most but I don't buy from anyone on ebay that doesn't have a 100% feedback. I've been an ebay member since they started, have over 330 feedbacks & have a 100% rating because I conduct business professionally - I expect the same from people I buy from.


On a side note - this seller has the same username of a guy that used to post on the old Harmony Central forum years ago. He kept getting banned and not sure if they ever let him back in our not. Could be a coincidence of course - but if it is the same guy - I wouldn't buy from him. <_<


Pretty top for sure, bur still overpriced [thumbdn]

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