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I just heard Dave Hole play Blues, I had to share


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Wow! I can listen to blues all day long, especially someone with a slide...and not afraid to use it! msp_smile.gif


Definitely unconventional playing technique, but man it works!


On the video, when he stops playing, you could feel he just wasn't done - then he dug deeper & brought it home. Well done!


Great music! (After hearing that, I think I should just put my slide way back in some unused drawer.... ) msp_glare.gif

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I heard him on a community radio station while driving home Monday night, they played a cut from a new cd he just released and it just blew me out,I rushed home and started searching for his stuff on YouTube,. Wow, what a touch he has.

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Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting!



In Oz terms that can mean anywhere up to 500 miles...




Too true!


I’ve been known to drive 5 to 600 kilometres to a favorite Chinese....then to find its shut for annual holidays.....Grin~

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