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Hello. First post! : )


In 1990 my Grandma purchased a Tobacco burst Dove and I was curious to how rare the finish is, it was recently handed down to me.



Also she had purchased a 12 string Doves in flight but it's been so long since I've laid eyes on it, I believe it was Black. A guitar my uncle has in storage and I've never asked him about it even though he says it'll be handed down to me. Knda of a sentimental subject.


But was curious since I just acquired the 6 string Dove



Any info on these guitars would be much appreciated

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Shipping numbers for Doves in Vintage Sunburst with nickel hardware ACDOVSNH1





1993--- 5

1994--- 8

none were produced from 1995 to 2003.






My Dove has the Deluxe tuners and came with the Brown exterior and Pink exterior case . I will post pics soon

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That may have been a small run from the 1990’s.

The most common dove finishes have been: cherry back and sides with natural top or cherry sunburst (orange) and the Elvis Presley Dove model was all black.




I’ve seen very few Doves in “classic” tabacco sunburst.


One can be seen here:






While i am not a fan of the tobacco colour, the sound of that Dove blows the Bird away here. Sure, the bird is loud and a cannon, but the subtle beauty of the Dove and its smooth, mellow feel just sounds like heaven to my ears.

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I like the Dove better myself, but blows it away is opinion and personal preference. Their different tone woods and as such sound different.

I used to gravitate towards rosewoods because of the volume, especially great for fingerpickin. My Taylor and Martin both have rosewood, tons of volume, tho admittedly more on D-28, but the 214 is shockingly good for a laminate and the profile of the cutaway is extremely comfortable. Ive heard people say Maple is a bright sounding tonewood, but the Dove does not sound bright to my ears, not at all. It sounds mellow, smooth, and balanced.


When i said blows away, i meant for my particular taste. Ive been really missing my j-50, the guy who had it drilled a hole in it and when i asked to trade it back, wanted my bass amp, my les paul special, and wanted my taylor. When i had sold it to him for only 1k, he wanted 2500 worth of gear back, and this was after he drilled a hole in it!

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I just acquired an unmolested 1980 Tobacco Burst Gibson Dove. By unmolested, I mean that it has been in the owner's case for over 25 years and is in nearly mint condition. I am currently humidifying it (in my custom built guitar humidification cabinet) and after it has soaked up some moisture for a few weeks, I'll be taking it to my luthier for setup. One thing I was curious about is the label inside the soundhole says "Dove Custom".  It's possible that "custom" refers to the Tobacco Burst build since it's apparently rare. I was wondering what the consensus in this forum is.  Thanks.


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Many 70s acoustics had "custom" or "deluxe" on the label. No idea why. 

Seriously, not a clue. 

It wasn't like they were distinct models. Sometimes I think they put those additions to the names so they could vary from what was shown as a catalog model....i.e variances in the sunburst or tuners. 

But I could be full of hot air.

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@ksdaddy I modified mine. Had to reinforce the back because it was just a flimsy sheet of wood. But the vision worked out pretty nicely. One that's almost exactly like yours showed up on the local Craigslist today. I've been thinking about doing another one. 

ps: very sorry about your mother. my condolences.

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19 hours ago, dberlind said:

@zombywolf this is 1980, not 1990.  Came with all the original paper work.  The ink on the bill of sale is faded though. I can't see the price.


The original thread  was about a Dove purchased in 1990. If built in Bozeman in the late-1980s or early-1990s it would have the two features I mentioned.    I believe though your 1980 would also have the paddle neck joint which was came about in the 1970s  and so referred to  because of the paddle shaped tenon installed at the top of the Dovetail.   

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21 hours ago, ksdaddy said:

My mother passed away in March and one of the things I've been unsuccessfully trying to sell is this oak china cabinet. maybe I should market it as a humidifying chamber so I can sell it.




I could use this for my collection of hand-painted tin-soldiers. But the situation is that I don't have such a collection.  Well, , , very few, , , in plastic. 

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