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What finish is this ?

Revolution Six

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Is this mahogany Under the photoflame,


right ?


With all due respect (which in your case, isn't much) I'm 98% certain that it's photo-mahogany, extracted by Chinese scientists at Epiphone from holograms of actual trees (the actual trees, themselves are sent to Gibson for use on Gibson branded guitars). The only way to be 100% certain is to put the guitar on a table saw and cut it in half. The color of the sawdust will confirm whether it's real or not. Some Chinese copies, however, use a process called "liquid mahogany" which involves melting leftover wood from Gibson's scrap pile and dipping guitar bodies into it. (The guitar bodies themselves are are actually made of richlite from unused Gibson fingerboards). This "liquid mahogany" finish is surprisingly realistic and makes a good base for photoflame veneers- plus it outperforms just about any other tone wood. You can hear the difference by smashing the guitar against a hardwood floor- it definitely has a ring to it. Why don't you try that with all of your guitars and post pictures of the results- which will be the first useful thing anyone on this forum will have ever heard from you.

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Epiphone Korina SG's, V's and Explorer's are usually all Korina ie neck, body pieces with veneer front and back. Some early Korean made were solid Korina..


The image below is from UK ebay of a G-400 that is all Korina with front and back Korina veneer. Note that it looks like the lower horn got part of its veneer sanded off. But at least it doesn't have any white out binding..



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Just play it - and, if it makes you happy then buy it, or if it's already yours, play it. If it's already yours and you wish it wasn't, then sell it.


Look, here's the beauty of cheap guitars:


I started craving an electric 12 sting. Not many manufacturers make those these days, would you believe? Looked around on Craigslist for something used, and no dice.


What I wanted was a Rickenbacker 330 or 360. But that would have been very selfish and greedy, because I don't really need one, and my wife and I are saving for a house deposit.


What I bought was a Dean Boca, brand new, from an ebay store in Alabama. It arrived set up perfectly, plays very nicely. Is it as good as a Rick? Good God, no. Is it great for the $375 I paid for it (shipped)? Yes! If I ever get tired of it and want to offload it, will I get at least $200 back? Probably.


I'll post pictures soon. You're going to hate it. It has an amber flame veneer on it. I think it looks great - for what it is - a cheap guitar.


Not everything has to be an American made Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker or what have you. And Japanese Epiphone SGs are like hen's teeth when it comes to finding one, assuming you desperately want one of those over a standard G400.


I'll leave you with this thought. Here's the thing about guitars: they are supposed to be fun. Don't worry about them so much, especially ones you don't, yourself, own.

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