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This came up on ebay UK in mid-March. 

As  "the future's uncertain and the end is always near"....I got it. 

I haven't played any of my other guitars since it arrived nearly 2 wks ago.  Extremely impressive, everything I hoped and expected it to be.

English.   D1ck Knight handmade, based on an L5-S.  24 frets, ebony board, maple construction, mid-late 1970s I think - original DiMarzio PAFs.  

I think the little switch was added later - it's wired across the output to turn it off like a 'kill switch',  which I can't imagine Mr Knight doing at all. 

The action is low, the neck and fretting absolutely superb and true all the way up to the 24th fret. 

I need to replace a latch on the case, anyone know if that's easily do-able?




See the volute?

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Very nice.  Congrats.

I replaced a latch on a Gibson Firebird OHSC about ten years ago.  Replacing it wasn’t difficult.  The hardest part was finding a vendor that sold the exact latch I needed.

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3 hours ago, G Mac said:

Very nice, jdgm! I've always wanted an L5-S but, I think this would do nicely! Who made it... I can't read the headstock?


It was made by English guitar maker D1ck Knight .  I also have one of his jumbo acoustics and archtop semi. 

2 hours ago, 'Scales said:


hows it compare with the L5-S?


I only played an L5-S once; I remember the neck was a little narrower than I expected  and of course raised where it met the body. This is different and feels like plenty of room above the 12th fret, like on a good LP.  The whole upper octave really is accessible.  Solidly built like all of his guitars.  I'm still getting used to it and need to try different strings now.  It's nearer to an LP Custom (because of the ebony board) than a Standard, Deluxe or RI-whatever.  To my ears and fingers, ebony pings a bit more than rosewood somehow.  However I love rosewood too. 

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