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Rediscovering Camel,


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58 minutes ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Have to admit, they flew under my radar too.  The vocalist is great, his pitch is spot on.  They remind me of a cross between 'Floyd and Atlanta Rhythm Section, plus some other stuff.  

Yeah, plus they could learn how to trim the excess wire from the tuning keys, Lol. 

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10 hours ago, IanHenry said:

Rain Dances is a great album, they were always a class live band. 

Agreed, they have an almost global cult following  which is quite an accomplishment considering they never had a hit single on am or fm radio, and they did this before YouTube and the internet,  

They are very popular in Japan for example.  

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15 minutes ago, Pinch said:

I always liked their band name. 

"How about we call ourselves Camel." 

"Err... Why?" 

"Why not?" 

"Good point. Okay, Camel it is."

(The above alleged historical reenactment brought to you by Asparagus Rex Entertainment.) 

Someone must have had the hump about something😄

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