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Like A Sad Song. John Denver cover


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Quick iPad recording of John Denver’s “Like A Sad Song”.  Not my J45 this time, played on an OM28.  
Some of John’s songs were sappy, but he gave a genuine, heartfelt performance every time.  I’m sorry he’s gone.

 Bonus flubs included at no charge.   thanks for listening.  I hope you enjoy it.


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Very nice, Roger. I get quite nostalgic about JD from time to time; his music was big for me in my teens and into my college days. Lotsa clean, clear guitars where the likes of me could play along and learn some things. 
A couple of years ago, my college roommate and I reunited after 35 years. She sang and I played, back in the day, so when she came for a visit, we went out to my then-regular open mic  and whipped out one of our favorites, “Eclipse,” like no time had passed. 
John’s songs live on…thanks for reviving this one. Well done.


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Thanks so much, Anne.  I appreciate you giving this a listen.  

Yes, John’s music wasn’t for everybody, I guess, but much of it spoke to me.  And that voice was hard to deny...wow.  Thanks also for posting the link to you and your college friend performing.  I had not heard that song by JD.  It was great watching you two recapture your college memories that way.  Bravo!


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