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Played my first gig last night.


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My band finaly got enough songs together to be an opening act for someone. A friend of ours is in

a local band that plays out a lot and offered to let us play first.

We packed the bar, played our 45 min set. Even got a huge applause at the end. We did a quick tear down

while they set up. During that time a few people left and by the time they were 3 songs into their set almost everyone had left. That felt great knowing that our first time out we pleased the crowd

(i even heard some singing along).

The bar owner even pulled me aside and said he wants us back for Memorial weekend.

I'm trying to get a hold of some of the pics taken at the show and post them.


On a side note I had been tossing the idea around for a while to downsize from my 4x12 to a 2x12. I finaly talked the wife into letting me get a new cab. Everyone had good things to say about Avatar so thats the route I took.

I was skeptical about getting an open back but holy crap did it sound great. A lot of people complimented me on

my sound. I was worried that 60 watts and a smaller cab wouldn't cut it but it worked out great.


Heres a pic of my setup.




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I've played a few good sized places with a Fender twin, including a couple of outdoor gigs. Never had any problems with stage volume.


A good 2/12 setup should work for pretty much any venue, unless you're just looking to impress the crowd with your rig.

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congrats on the gig. One question though' date=' how big was the venue you were playing, and do you plan on playing bigger venues anytime soon (assuming it was a smaller place)? Because if so, I would think one may want to stick to something a littler heftier.[/quote']


It was a smaller bar (capacity 80?) People in the back told me they had

no problem hearing me. I would still feel comfortable playing a larger venue with that set up.

(that is the plan) If the places get too big you would mic the cab anyway.

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congrats man... i myself have played in a good sized bar and had great success...[-o<=D> =D>

i think ill stick to recording solo...

my band has recently departed and left me all their gear so now i am a one man band and trying to play everything at once (im a multi-instrumentalist)


enough about me


nice work on the gig

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Looks like fun. Good playin'! thumbsup2.gif

I love playin' the bar scene. The girls get real perky when they feel the music vibes and the crowd sometimes changes hourly giving us a different view as well. Since the city banned smoking in the bars, I don't worry about nicotene layers on my newer guitars.

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