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2021 Gibson SG Standard DARK Cherry Red


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That Trogly video made me laugh the way he always opens up the case in such a dramatic fashion.   

I had a kid in Guitar Center do the same thing and it was yeah, so, there's the guitar all right...

For this one, a gig bag, get the hell out of here.  

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I have one, built in September 2021, found it surprisingly in a local guitar store in Nuremberg. Could not resist, price was 1.400€. No I have a Pelham Blue SG 61 Special with P90s and the Standard with Humbuckers. It looks phantastic, varnishing is very good. The "unplugged" SG Standard rings which motivated me to ask for an amplifier. And it has the sound I have expected from a SG mit Humbuckers. Nice neck, luthier working at the guitar store made some optimiziation of the saddle notches and that´s it.

Pickguard size - yes, the big one can be a matter of tast, but looking on photos of musicians know as SG users you see both pickguars types. So the "big" one is fine for me. 

I have made my piece with the softcase. It protects the SG quite good. Of course a tool storage compartmen inside is missing and the  softcase is not really good stackable as normal cases. But it is very comfortble to carry  and the quality impression is quite good. 

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33 minutes ago, Pinch said:

There's something I find hard to like about Trogly. It's not that he has enough money to buy just about every guitar he sees, it's not that. 

No, wait - it's that. 

Have you ever wondered what he does with with some of those guitars?




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