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NGD and pickup review

Guitar God

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Ending up parting ways with my 1982 Gibson Les Paul Custom over the weekend. I always gravitated towards my Standards more. The owner I got it from missed it all these years, so I sold it back to him and ended up getting a beautiful 2001 tobacco burst Gibson Les Paul Standard that I found on Reverb. I've been wanting a tobacco burst Les Paul since I started playing. Bit of a win/win. Previous owner got his old guitar back and I got to get one I've wanted for years.

And on the pickup review. I got that Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup and Puretone jack installed in my Fender Precision Bass. I really like it a lot! Better than the stock pickup. Compared to the stock pickup, the Duncan is louder, fuller, and punchier. Guess you can also say on the warm side, too.



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13 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

Its a looker Mr GG. What pickups were in it?

Your unembedded pic link is a bass. I was expecting a pickup.

Sorry about that. I edited the post, so you should be able to click on the link. Imgur is weird for me on here, haha. Yeah, I ended up dropping a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup in it.

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