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guits and cars have been a theme for a long time in R&R. Duh. Would think its a no brainer. But, eh.....

Beach Boys

More recently, ZZ TOP.

We all could go for ages listing R&R groups associated with cars.

For me, gear head and guitarist, for porn, one stop orgasm.

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Well if there is a bar and a food joint  close, this place would be heaven,   and as for rockers and cars, don't forget the Fab Four,  beside a cool song, Baby You Can Drive My Car, George was into racing for a while at least. If I recall correctly he collected Porsches,  Paul own several Astin Martin's.

Also Jeff Beck has a taste for wheels too.

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The Beach Boys were definitely Car Guys!

Dennis Wilson owned Ferrari’s & I’ve read he owned the Chevy 409 that you hear revving in “The Beach Boys” song “409”..

Also the famous “Fun Fun Fun” 55 T Bird    https://www.starcarstn.com/cars/ford-thunderbird/

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