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Video From My Gig Last Saturday


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Thanks fellas.


That was wickedness. Reminds me of Russian Circles


We've played with those guys a couple times in Pgh. I really admire their guitar player's style.


Nice job' date=' What LP is he playing' date=' kinda hard to see again well done[/quote'']


That's a tough one. -Quite often it's mistakenly identified as a Gibson Les Paul Studio SL. That's actually incorrect. -The SL's (meaning Sans Lacquer) were kind of an earlier version of the faded. According to Gibson's serial # experts in their customer service dept. I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul Jr Special with humbuckers. I believe that one way to tell the difference (besides the obvious one has lacquer and one doesn't) is Gibson put mini-trapezoids in 'em for the inlay. I think they made them from the late 90's until the early 00's. I got mine for $300 on Craigslist, I love it.

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