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KISS on Letterman


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Ace may have been in for a short period overall.....But he's da man!!!





I always thought the real musicians of Kiss were Ace and Peter Criss. IMHO, Gene is a business man and Paul just an entertainer. It's funny how the musicians were the first to go.

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Paul said in a recent interview about the Final Reunion Tour that he realized he didn't want KISS to end... Just certain members. I thought that was funny....


Bottom line is KISS Inc. is a hugely profitable business.

Gene said on Howard Stern the other day they gross 100 million a year on tour and 40-50 million in KISS merch.


That's is very serious money.


Love'em or Hate'em KISS aint going anywhere until Paul and Gene are in KISS coffins.


KISS RIP 72 - 79

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Why is Kiss still around? This band has become a joke. How many more "final tour' date=' ever" are they going to do? Half of their set is probably playing to backing tracks. [/quote']


On what are you basing this statement? Sounds like you NEVER liked Kiss. As long as people keep coming to the shows, they have a right to keep playing.

As far as backing tracks......Where's your proof? They are a live band. Always have been. I take insult at your ridiculous statement!!


How many times is Brett Favre gonna retire!!! The Vikings aren't 4-0 are they?

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