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KISS on Letterman


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That "session" guy is Tommy Thayer' date=' he's been in the lineup for some time now.


I do think it's wrong to have false Spaceman and Catman


Get your own "identities"![/quote']


+1 on the identities... and I just wanted to quote you.

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Ace may have been in for a short period overall.....But he's da man!!!





I always thought the real musicians of Kiss were Ace and Peter Criss. IMHO, Gene is a business man and Paul just an entertainer. It's funny how the musicians were the first to go.

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Ace's problem was money mismanagement and chemical imbalance. IE too many drugs... Peter just got tired of playing IMO


Yep, they sunk their own ship.

To me they arent the same without Ace & Peter.

The 2 in the band now shouldnt be allowed to wear their makeup.

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Paul said in a recent interview about the Final Reunion Tour that he realized he didn't want KISS to end... Just certain members. I thought that was funny....


Bottom line is KISS Inc. is a hugely profitable business.

Gene said on Howard Stern the other day they gross 100 million a year on tour and 40-50 million in KISS merch.


That's is very serious money.


Love'em or Hate'em KISS aint going anywhere until Paul and Gene are in KISS coffins.


KISS RIP 72 - 79

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Why is Kiss still around? This band has become a joke. How many more "final tour' date=' ever" are they going to do? Half of their set is probably playing to backing tracks. [/quote']


On what are you basing this statement? Sounds like you NEVER liked Kiss. As long as people keep coming to the shows, they have a right to keep playing.

As far as backing tracks......Where's your proof? They are a live band. Always have been. I take insult at your ridiculous statement!!


How many times is Brett Favre gonna retire!!! The Vikings aren't 4-0 are they?

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