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Who's Your Favorite Guitar Player and Why??


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Jeff Beck' date=' and the below vid is one of many reasons why[cool']



Jeff Beck rocks, but he's not my favorite.


There is no favorite, too many guys who are good at specific things.


Up there among my favorites are


Henry Garza

Jeff Beck

Albert King

Dickie Betts

Duane Allman


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I will echo names mentioned before, but I will drop a couple of new ones in:


Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Gary Moore, Slash, Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, Richie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Billy Dufffy

Joe Satriani, Rory Gallagher


Guys that had the technigue, not necessarily the speed, but they knew how to place it in the service of true human feelings... Their guitar work was part of music-making, not just showmanship. Love them all...

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Can't say I have any favourite player as such. I like many players for different reasons, and within different styles. But to mention a few players that stuck out over the years, Angus Young and AC/DC was what got me to pick a guitar up in the first place, and later on in my teens Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) were the main reasons I got into taking practising more seriously both when it came to technique and theory. Skolnick made me look to the fusion scene and I quickly got into Al DiMeola and John McLaughlin, and around that same time I more or less stumbled across Frank Zappa's music and guitar playing which pretty much changed everything for me. Then Zoot Horn Rollo (Bill Harkleroad) did it again. I guess Clapton, Peter Green, and Fredrik Thordendahl (Meshuggah) deserves a mention as well.


But if some huge dude came in to me room and twisted my arm and made me mention just one, I guess I'd go with Zappa.

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