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J-45 colors

Gibson CS

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i played a couple and i always figured the sunburst would look better until i played the natural IN PERSON

its like what is more beautiful, a majestic waterfall, or a sunny beach


hard to pick, when the action and tone was similar

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I have never seen a natural mahogony, so I can't comment. Of course, the burst J45 hogs are beautiful. My L00 Blues king has the same woods/colors. It is beautiful to look at.


I do like the natural top rosewood J45; the contrast of the rosewood body, the ebony fretboard/bridge look great against the natural top.

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Johnt' date='

Thats a great looking Norlin Era Deluxe "SS" Sunburst.

Mine is a 72 model Tobacco Burst Deluxe, a underated joy, which I have been playing for over 33 years.



Thanks Dale,


Yes I like it. It's 79 and has a big hole in the back of the headstock where someone gouged out the "2". I have had it since about 1982 and the flaw is the laquer around the soundhole.


Very underated I agree, but plays brilliantly well bedded in, can't wait for the Songwriter to settle down too!


I always thought the J45 should look a bit ragged round the edges I know mine does!


Glad you enjoy yours too!



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For me, sunburst says Gibson, where natural leads my mind to a Martin. I have never owned a Gibson that had a natural finish and have never owned a Martin with a burst. It is really that cut and dried for me - though I had never thought of it before seeing this interesting question. Thanks for the post.

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