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Long time no see ya'll

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well, I feel urged to post this, I lost my job and I had to sell a bunch of my stuff! and I have been gigging and staying busy, and it bummed me out that I had to let go of 2 of my favorite guitars. well yesterday I was @ a friends BBQ for forth of july, and he mentioned to me that he had an extra ticket to see paul mccartney in SF, and that if I wanted to go with him, he would take me, I had to tell him that that night I was supposed to play @ church, and that I dont think I could skip that to go see sir paul, he and I are fairly dedicated to our faith, and because he is leaving to go overseas, he said I could borrow some of his stuff while he was gone


with out further adu ( <----? spelling)



67 ES-330











and he let me borrow this old thing






even with things are going bad, the blessings fall like rain

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Congrats on getting some gear to work with Jesse.... You are blessed [biggrin] Good to see you again!


I'm with Dave. You truly are blessed Jesse. Sometimes when we give up stuff we get blessings from unexpected sources.

Good for you.

I'm stoked for ya'.

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