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This gibby is insane


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I like it. In fact I was thinking about ordering a lefty from Warmoth and having them route it for 6 lipstick pups and have a vol & tone for each; who knows perhaps even push/pull for phase too. I saw that the guy from cheap trick had a guitar sort of like that and I thought it was cool.

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I wonder if they had to beef up the headstock to give it some semblance of balance,

or if they just wanted it to be as insanely ugly as the rest of the guitar.

Reverse V, Reverse Explorer, I guess it'll be a reverse SG next, that for outdoor concerts you just "stick up" in the ground between sets.(lolol)

Nevermind, thats what the Reverse V is for.

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Yeah ^

Reverse this, reverse that.

Someone at Gibson is self-medicating far to much me thinks.

Reverse ES-335 next? (Watch, someone at Gibson is gonna see this post and make one).


I have yet to see ANY reverse guitar that I like. I think, so far, they all look butt ugly.

And that headstock? WTF! Make me want to puke.


If Gibson GAVE me one, I would either sell it or stick it in the closet.

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