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Stock or Modifed?

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Wondering what percentage here mod their Epiphone guitars or leave them stock. I intended on modifying my Dot the day I bought her. The basic design and wood was there. I've upgraded the hardware and modified for cosmetic reasons.


1. upgraded wiring and pots

2. Seymour Duncan Phat Cats

3. different knobs and switch cap

4. upgraded tuners to match Nickel hardware

***** to come *****

5.aluminium stop tailpiece

6. nickel bridge, maybe different type/upgrade

7. bone nut

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If we're talking about Epiphone, all of mine are original, to the best of my knowledge. The amp and mandolin I bought new, so I know they're original, and the Casino was used, but I believe it's original... the electronics are starting to get noisy, so I assume they've never been replaced.


My Gibson LG-0 hasn't been "modified" so much as "repaired." I've replaced the bridge, the tuners, and two braces. They're almost identical to the original parts (which was my intention).


My Gibson Spirit is heavily modified - but I didn't start it. The previous owner stripped the black finish and spray-painted in yellow, and rerouted it for P-90s where the humbuckers started out. I'm continuing the modification by giving it a proper refinish and turning it into a Les Paul Special.


I added a pickup to my Martin.


I intend to do a few cosmetic changes to the Fender when I can find all the parts... I'm struggling to find closed-top gold pickup covers, and I don't want to settle for the ones with exposed pole pieces. I know they exist, but they're either attached to a $200 set of Kent Armstrong pickups or they're on a Custom Shop Strat on my Fender calendar.


I wouldn't mind a cosmetic change to the Casino, making it a bit more "Gibson-y." Black pickup covers, black pickguard, black knobs. I can't seem to find black pickup covers, since they're advertised for flat-top guitars and the Casino is arched.


I'd like to go from this:



Do something very similar to this:


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I've never jumped in to heavy mods, though i plan to with the DOT. p-90 in the neck. Wiring eventually...

I roll with the "if ain't broke.." mentality there..


I swap knobs and pick guards...I think I have done that on every electric i've had since i got my first MIM Fend Strat.


If you ask me DOTS are asking for the extra attention. Casinos and Rivieras kinda come with the goods stock.

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New wiring' date=' Orange Drop caps, CTS pots and bone nut for my 2003 Casino. Very pleased with the result of those modifications. Have Gotoh Vintage tuners to install whenever I get around to it. [/quote']


This is what I always do as well. I also swap the pickups & dress the frets.

I have a habit of buying Epi archtops, hot rodding them, and then selling them because they don't feel/sound exactly like my Gibson 335, which I know going in...

Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.

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I like to tinker here too... Voted modded.


I don't know if either of my two Epi's will ever get any serious transformations, as I tend to lean towards the conservative side of modding. Things that can be completely reversable. However, it depends on the guitar. I've got a klunker I built up from parts from here and there... I have NO idea what the body is from (Strat style, with a HH pup config, all wiring thru the body, hard tail). The neck is from some model "Cortley" (Strat style headstock/all maple). The pup selector switch is on the left horn, and it's wired up like a LP, with the exception it has three control knobs. It's set up for vol/vol/master tone. I've started calling it a Les-o-caster. :P Where I "built" this one....it gets/has gotten modded extensively.


The G-1275 has gotten one very minor "mod"...I put Schaller straplocks on it. OOOOoh Major surgery.... LOL


The Dot has gotten two "mods", Schaller straplocks, and a roller bridge. I bought the bridge for a flying V kit I got on FleaBay. The V is built, but needs to be painted, so whilst it's sitting, I thought I'd try the roller bridge on the Dot. Other than that, I've not a single complaint about anything on the Dot. The tuners hold solid, the pups sound good to me, the neck plays like a dream.


I have been having some thoughts and ideas about getting a Dot Studio and modding the he-double hockey sticks out of it.... :-s



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I modded the crap out of my Casino. For me, I would rather address the things that could crap out before they actually do. I had always owned Fenders and Gibsons (1967 335, 1979 Strat) and they were just beautiful in every way. I'd ALWAYS wanted a Casino but I wasn't in the position to buy an Elite.


When I bought the Casino, it played very nicely. I was actually really shocked that such an inexpensive guitar could play so well. There was some "cheese" to it though. But I was expecting it to some extent. I mean, you can't sell a guitar made of premium parts for $500. You just can't.


So I just started addressing the things that would improve the overall function and feel. Started with the nut, electronics and machines. It was a huge difference. Not necessarily the sound (although I think the sound did improve), but the overall feel of the guitar. Those little things completely changed the feel of the guitar from a less expensive, mass produced instrument to a higher end one. The fuction of the knobs and tuners are now as smooth and precise as my MUCH more expensive instruments.


Having done those, I admit, then I became sort of obsessed with mods. I went with some really nice, non-essential ones that took the guitar to a new level. I put on a bigsby, changed out the bridge, replaced the PUPs etc.


Those changes brought the guitar to am entirely new level. It now easily stands up to thequality level of my more expensive guitars. And I play the Casino more than any of them.

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Haven't modded a guitar yet (except Schaller strap locks on all). I take 'em for what they are and think a lot of the "improved" results people claim are self-delusional. But to each his own; it's not my money they're spending.

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Haven't modded a guitar yet (except Schaller strap locks on all). I take 'em for what they are and think a lot of the "improved" results people claim are self-delusional. But to each his own; it's not my money they're spending.


What a ridiculous statement.

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1. Raven West LP Copy - Put GFS "Fat Pats" in to replace stock pups (G & B no bueno),

replaced all "satin gold" hardware with SHINY Gold hardware (Thanks, Guitarfetish!).

Very happy.


2. EPI LP Studio - Replaced Grover D-style chrome with Gibson Deluxe Vintage Tulips,

replaced stock pups (LP CLassic Neck/Bridge) with Gibson 498T/490R Chrome. Very



3. EPI LP Classic - replaced Grover D-style chrome w/ Gibson Deluxe Vintage Tulips,

replaced stock pups with Gibson 498T/490R Chrome. Just did pups 2 days ago, but

I'm NOT SURE if I like the sound in this guitar, still thinking about it. Prior to pup

replacement, I had 3 distinctly different sounding gits, now the two EPIs sound sort

of similar... I'll give it a couple of weeks, but the stock Classic pups really DID sound

decent, just not a lot of "edge" like the Gibson pups. Hmmmm. Gotta think on this


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Haven't been here in forever.


My Squier has had everything removed except the wood that the body is made of. Refinished in cheesy fluorescent spray paint, new Fender neck that had a profile more like the Epiphone neck I like, GFS Greybottom Non-Stagger Overwound pickups, and an extremely belated Christmas package that contained CTS pots in a pearloid pickguard and Grover tuners which made up for the belatedness.


The project isn't completely assembled yet.


The Squier before:






and almost now (the Grovers have been installed on the Fender neck since this picture):



The Epiphone is almost stock for now but I got in a box of parts a DiMarzio Super Distortion for the neck position. Need a bridge position one and maybe they're going in. Also probably replacing all black plastic with creme. The saddles have been re-notched to correct for wonky crookedness over the fingerboard.


How bad was it? See for yourself:



Also planning to mod a Dunlop Crybaby GCB-100 (bass model gotten cheap) to convert to guitar wah, and adding a toggle on the side to switch between modes.

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-I've replaced the stock p'ups with DiMarzio Virtual PAFs, and the stock electronics with CTS pots, Orange Drop caps, and SwitchCraft 3-way switch and output jack. Still stock tuners, bridge and tailpiece. Also I polished the frets during a string change. She's a sweet player.




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Jeez, when you think about it... yeah. All three of my Elitists got a new set of tuners, mostly just to match the rest of the nickel hardware on the guitar. Also turns out that the replacements are way smoother than the cruddy Korean ones that were on them. I also popped some SDs into my Les Paul, and swapped the bridge for a unit with brass saddles.


As to my 'regular' Epis, both my Junior DCs are modded, especially the black one which now sports two soapbar P-90s instead of one dogear, along with a new pickguard and some keystone tuners.




My LE LP Special had its P-90s replaced with SDs, plus a new, more historically accurate PG out of five-ply material.




The Explorer got a new PG, amber knobs and had its pickup covers removed...




The LP Studio which I received for free after some emo punk snapped the headstock is slowly being rebuilt...










Which leaves a pair of Vintage G-400s... other than a pair of '78 vintage Gibson pickups, filed bridge saddles, a bone nut, milled frets and a complete re-wiring job on the second one, I haven't really touched these... yet. The first one I bought is still sitting in its box, waiting for some radical work indeed.






Sorry for the long post.

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