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Massive data loss..happens occasionally if there is no daily backup. Oh well, a good excuse for everyone to

get busy and start posting...does anyone remember the key posts over the last couple of days?


Antwhit2001 had a Epi broken neck he was working on..maybe he can bring us up to speed as to how the

repair is going so far?

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Don't you just LOVE computers (especially' date=' with [i']no back ups[/i])?! Who does that, especially, on an information forum?!





Hmmph! Thats not even the half of it, CB. Servers are designed specifically to avoid this kind of thing. They are SUPPOSED to have multiple hard drives with a RAID configuration that automatically does a backup to a secondary (or even third) hard drive EVERY TIME it writes information.


If there is a problem with the first drive, the second one is supposed to kick in seamlessly and let you know that the primary went down. Even if the whole server quits working, the info would still be there to put on the new computer.

The same principal should apply to the database server. Even if the database glitches, it is supposed to back up so that you can dump the schema & data and then reinstall the database.


Seriously, Gibson need to quit being such a bunch of cheap-asses and just get some dedicated remote hosting. And if for some reason they do have remote hosting, they need a better hosting company.


This is the absolute worst forum I have ever been on in terms of stability. I feel like I'm back in 1999. No excuses!

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Massive Minor data loss..happens occasionally if there is no daily backup your not paying attention.


Major data loss occurs when you are being negligent.


Dont get me wrong, I love this forum. But I'm just frustrated at the amount of problems with uptime and speed. Maybe I'm spoiled by all of the working websites that are out there and the hosting plans that garauntee 99.9% uptime, but the way this forum runs is just inconceivable.


/rant over

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l[/size:-({|= I've been trying to get on this site for some time now and I was always unsuccessful until now! It feels good to be an Epiboy and I want to say howdy to one and all! This is the second time I posted this, the first one disappeared on me! Happy New Year to all! Hopefully this year will turn out better for most of us, this last year was the pits for many of us!

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