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I'm a Sucker For Goldtops


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If you havent seen my other thread, I went to another Long & McQuade today and ordered a volume pedal.

if I hadnt done so, I might have bought a lp traditional goldtop, man I was sold, it just looked so amazing.

I was flabbergasted when the guy told me they had 0% financing! but the manager came along and broke my

heart and said the promotion was over. I quickly picked myself up off the floor after crying for 5 minutes [flapper]

(not really) then remembered that I wanted to buy a volume pedal, none in stock, but I knew what I wanted.

so I ordered it, it should be coming in by wednesday. but boy will I never forget this day with my close

encounter with that goldtop and my selfishness [flapper] *sigh* that day will come [-o<

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Here, this is for you B)

[drool] [drool] [drool]


I hope you at least played it?

yep, played it, and wouldnt let go until I heard about the no-go financing


I'm shocked they let you walk.



I told them Id be coming back now and then and that I would eventually get it, so I guess theyre holding it for me

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a goldtop fan too myself. Just bought a Traditional Pro that had a problem with someone in the assembly line forgetting to install a ground wire to the bridge post but took it back and got one that had just arrived yesterday at a GC and had the wire installed. The tech there told me he had gotten in 3 Traditional Pros within a short time that had the same problem. Funny how something so small can wreak so much havoc. Someone at the Nashville plant needs to do QC recon on their employees.

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I'm more of an SG guy but if I was to get a Les Paul, it would be a Gold top. Or a custom. Nope, a Goldtop. Hmmm those custom's are nice though....



SG guy, AND Gold Top fan......hmmmm, me too !

Here's my new baby, made in some 3rd world country so poor they didn't even put a "Made In ??" sticker/stamp/silkscreen on it.

the beveling is groovy, all the components seem to be top quality, its only drawback is that it's NOT a G.F.O.B. guitar.



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