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NGD! 2009 Gibson Custom ES-335


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I bought a Gibson Les Paul Traditional back in October. Since then, it's been out of the case twice whereas my two Strat was practically getting worn out. I put it up for sale or trade online last Friday night, more interested in seeing what I would be offered as a trade than selling the Guitar. At this stage, I was writing off owning another Gibson as the two I've owned never really bonded with me. Some of the offers were amazing. A PRS, Gibson SG, lots of different Strats as well as a Tele. I had finally settled on a 1976 Strat but then I started to have some doubts about giving away a mint Gibson Les Paul for a Guitar that looked like it needed a lot of work as well as being questionable in the build quality department. Then up popped a guy offering his 2009 Gibson Custom ES-335 in cherry with a flame maple top. I went online doing some homework on this Guitar as well as consulting some very experience Guitar playing friends of mine. They said I should bite this guys arm off to get the Guitar he was offering. Not only was it worth considerably more than mine, it might be the Gibson for me. Sure enough, I sealed the deal and picked up the Guitar today and boy were my friends right. What an incredible Guitar. Not only does it deliver Les Paul tones but a bit of everything else as well.


You'll have to forgive the crappy photos, they were taken with my iPhone.






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Nice! I think you made a good choice, especially if you don't bond with a guitar. I love my ES, but I'm 5'8" so I went with the 339. I did bond with it but lately I've been playing my PRS more. I still love the ES tone though, especially the BB King sweet sounding tone.

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