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The Making of "Sgt. Pepper!"

charlie brown

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One thing, that's always defined "The Beatles" sound, even beyond their

instrumentation, arrangements (to me), was their unique voices!

I don't care how "great" some "tribute" band is, they still never sound

"right" (they can't, really) due to the voices. Even, if they try to mimic

The Beatles voices, it just never "works" for me! It ends up sounding,

too much, like the cartoon (Yellow Submarine) Beatles.


They had such unique sounding voices, individually, and such a wonderful

blend, when harmonizing...it's still "enchanting," as George Martin, would

often say. [biggrin]



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I like this kind of stuff. Even more important than the music is the personal insight we get on people. Cool stuff. [thumbup]

Big +1. I could listen to George Martin talking about these guys and what they did for hours on end. [thumbup]


Thanks for posting CB.

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Many thanks for the post(s), anybody who is into music will enjoy them.... [thumbup]


The key figures, George Martin and Brian Epstein collided with the Beatles through a mixture of design and luck...


Both were visionary strong characters...the legacy lives on for ever...


A fascinating insight into the humour, imagination, determination and hard work that went into their success


And they were the first, alongside the Beach Boys, to break away from the control of the be-suited record producers...


Yet again Paul is shown to be the driving force after their initial mega success could have made them lazy...





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I've just watched all of that. Great.

I've got The Beatles Anthology Dvd box set. It's a great watch.

Mind you, set a day aside to watch it. It's the story of The Beatles by The Beatles.

I also enjoyed the film about Paul. The one that said he died and a replacement was put in. Fantasy. but enjoyable.

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Part of the Beatles genius was their ability to create music that on the surface seemed to be so simple, yet underneath was much more complicated.

George M. shows us numerous times when he breaks down these beautiful songs how they were still working as a unit in 1967.


Certainly takes ya back to a time when the album was something special. The Beatles made them works of art.msp_thumbup.gif

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Even the most commited "Beatles hater" would have an impossible time dismissing this album as "junk".It was a masterpiece when it was made and continuous record breaking sales figures confirms it.


BTW: I've been hearing lately of several colleges that are now offering graduate programs on the music of the Beatles.That says something about their impact on the world that's still being felt after all these years.

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