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I Had Forgotten About Her......How Awful of Me


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How awful of me to have forgotten about this beauty. I've purchased her back in 2006 and kept her in the closet since. How terrible of me. I found her again after purchasing my new Trad Pro gold top and was putting the its case in the closet and noticed this other case in the back corner of the walk in closet tucked away. I am so sorry for neglecting her for so many years :(


My new gold top: She helped me find her.




My forgotten beauty.









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You don´t need no new Guitar, you need new brain software for you´r memory :-)

If you remembered that you had this beauty in you´r closet, would you have bought the goldtop then?

Now you have 2 beauties, all good i suppose.



I suppose, but I just remembered this black beauty in the closet as well. [drool]



By bluesguitar65 at 2010-09-15

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