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NGD! I've wanted to put that in a title since I learned what it meant


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Not the best picture, but it's what I have for now. It is not pink, and the picture makes it look. This is my 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard that I just picked up from a guy on Craig's List. Had to drive 4 hours round trip to get it, but I think it's worth it. It is a beauty.




More pictures:




...and with my SG



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Great guitar, enjoy it... The guitar case has what is called the pink lining and guitar shall... It's not actually pink as you say but those cases are very sought after and are very cool... I bought one one ebay for my project Les Paul, I think I paid around $200 for it...

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Great find! I think that the Grover tuners were standard issue in 1998 but I'm not sure. Also, do you know what pups are in it (I'm thinking 498T bridge pickup and 490R neck pickup)?


I'm pretty sure you're right about the pickups, but the Grovers are not original. The original owner did not like the stock Gibson tuners. The only other thing that is not stock are the strap locks, but I have the original buttons from that upgrade if I wanted to change back (but who would?). Unfortunately, I don't have the original tuners.


Haha, the pic of the SG and LP side by side is too adorable.

It looks like new friends making nice.


4 hours to get a beaut like that, SO worth it! [thumbup]


I really liked that picture too. Now I just need a nice Hummingbird to replace the crappy acoustics I have :D

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