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No Thank You. Henry.


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Here's the problem: In two years, it will be outdated. In 30 years, these things will be dinosaurs compared to a regular LP, which will hold up just fine.


Bleh, I guess I'm just a purist. Take an old-school Les Paul, run thru a few analog pedals, and plug into a Marshall and turn it up to 10. I think amp modeling is cool for practicing (I like the Roland Cubes) and certain types of recording (Axe-Fxs are great for that, as well as doing Youtube vids where micing up a real amp can be too much trouble), but I can live without that stuff. But, it is nice to have.


BUT, I have yet to see a pro use a Robot or any of these other designs. I've seen MANY pros (including Steve Vai) use amp modelers and processors and guitar synths, but never a Robot.

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I don't think there is cause for panic.


Regardless of what Gibson may say or think, they still build what the buyers order. Most dealerships would not be ordering these, and if it WAS to become what Gibson calls "standard", most dealers would then be ordering "exclusives" or whatever they call it without them to serve their own customer base. Not to mention get a lower price.


Mr. Steindude. You have not been paying attention.


1.) Figure out, know, embrace, own what it is you do well that people are willing to pay you for.


2.) Change it. Mangle it. Ultimately wreck it.


3.) Make it as it once was again, charge them extra for the priviledge of having what it is you just do.


That's how it works.



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Sigh[blink] ....fairly lame and lackluster interview by both participants! Rather dissapointing that Gibson's bid for 'market share' has come 'down' to this'so-called' technology.......

........At least....thats the way the video struck ME....!

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