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  1. Sounds like a equitable plan. Good luck and enjoy the guitar when you get it back.
  2. Hi Mantastic, I still maintain you should approach the guy with a request for a new guitar. Start from a strong stance then you both can accept that he pay to have the guitar restored.. Everybody wins. Keep your spirits up, you'll get thru this, a lot of people here behind you.
  3. Marketing aside, the pandemic wrecked havoc with supply chain of goods and supplies. My family quit the "gotta have a bunch of stuff for Xmas" a long time ago once the kids got into their late teens (now in their 30's and late 20's). It's more important that we can get together at someone's house and hang out together for Xmas.
  4. Hi Mantastic, sorry to hear about your health issues, hope you prevail over it. As for your guitar, you should push for this guy to keep it and offer you an exact replacement or better yet, the money to replace it. God knows what you would get back from him. Hope you get compensated (and then some) Regards Tom
  5. VERY nice. Congrats, I bet she really sings. a full report of how it sounds please.
  6. I remember reading on the side of the box the burgers came in the holes were to (paraphrasing from distant memory here) "fully cook the patty and enhance the flavor" Where else could you get a good fairy tale about WC burgers than Chateau Blanc itself.
  7. Absolutely killer strat... that guitar has some serious mojo! Enjoy.
  8. When I was kid in the '60s the sliders cost five cents, so for a quarter you could eat like a king (or at least an 10 year old's idea of a king). I was devastated when the price went up to eight cents, totally ruined my burger budget. Thing I remember about the 60's version of the slider was that the patties were square and had five penny-sized holes in 'em. The working theory of knowledgeable ten year-olds was the pickles were placed on the patty to hide the holes.
  9. CNJ


    Wow, that is a real beauty! And the pickguard really stands out against the blue. Bet that bird can really sing. Enjoy!
  10. HI Nota, I'm in a similar position and like the others have said, enjoy the journey, don't worry about the destination. As long as you have fun doing it, that's all that matters.
  11. Being a holiday (Labor Day, in the USA ) and all, I spent the time with my loved ones (the LP standard, the LP Classic, The Epiphone Sheraton). Then I spent some time with my family
  12. Awesome collection of siblings for the girl in red up front. There's more flavors than Baskin-Robbins in that photo! Enjoy them all!
  13. Crazy stuff So I got a much better deal for you than Gibson's: My name is Tom, I have a dog named Murphy who just happens to be (part) black lab. Now for the economical sum of only $1.00, I will think of you every time I play ANY of my Gibson guitars, since they are of course, "Tom Murphy Labs"
  14. Stellar guitar! I bet the P90's really sing. Enjoy it!
  15. I agree Ralphy. What that website has for sale are LESS pauls. Find a reputable dealer (or private seller) and play before you buy unless you are familiar with the brand/model. Expect to pay a bit more that a hundred bucks for a decent guitar. Good luck and enjoy the hunt Regards, Tom
  16. Hi Steve, WOW, that is stunning! Iced tea never looked that good. How does she sound?
  17. CNJ

    Mo' Money

    Brilliant indeed! Much better plan than mine: buy $3K worth of lottery tickets and (here where the plan falls a bit short) HOPE to win at least $3,001. At the very least, print out the statement and tack it on the wall above your guitars
  18. Missed it by one day... our version of Dog Day, yes it took place in the afternoon. I think they were arguing over "LP's reign supreme! No the SG rules!"
  19. Hi Sparquelito, looks like you have awesome bunch of back-up singers there. And my wife also tricks out the dogs in bandanas for special occasions (Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's, and the like) Hey, Whitefang, Know just what you mean, our dogs bark at anything that moves. We have a bunch of rabbits that live under the deck that drive the dogs insane.
  20. Looks like an asymmetrical "C" shaped profile on that handle. A real beauty indeed!
  21. Hi Darran, I'm another old guy who just joined a few months ago, and found the members on this forum to be an excellent bunch. Enjoy you stay and know that you can learn a ton from these guys
  22. Congrats, it looks stellar! More importantly, how does it sound? Damnit, now I want one!
  23. Wow, sad news! Hope he didn't suffer. I'm sure the band will give him the memorial he deserves.
  24. Supplement the security of the Ring doorbell with the above pictured family pet.
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