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Greatest Rock Instrumentals of all time


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Okay you bunch of opinionated gibby lovers out there, let's see what kind of discussion we can get on this subject. We should get a lot of different stuff because of all of the generations represented on the forum.


Tough choice for me, as I love the song Hideaway as performed by many people but I'm going to have to go with Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana. When I first saw Santana he played this song on my favorite combination, a Gibson SG and Boogie amps. Santana can really make a guitar sing.

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There are so many that come to mind like:


Hideaway - Freddie King

Hideaway - Bluesbreakers (Clapton)

Grazockstahagen - the Wildcats (hunted for a long time to find this one)

Walk Don't Run - the Ventures

Byrdland - Weather Report version

In the Slot - Tower of Power

40 Miles of Bad Road - Duane Eddy


are some of them.

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Anyone ever play the games Red Alert 2 or Descent 1 and 2? Those games had excellent instrumental rock/metal/techno soundtracks to them. I don't know who did the RA2 soundtrack, but the Descent 1 music was by a band called In'Sanity. The D2 soundtrack was by a few artists, including Ogre, Type O Negative, Mark Morgan, and others. Besides those, my favorite instrumental is probably Fire on High by ELO.

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