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Monster Days at Long & McQuade are back, and looking around the store, I came across this beautiful

Limited edition Squier Classic Vibe 50's Strat in White Blonde. I've been a fan of the classic vibe

serious for some time, but none of the finishes ever really fancied me. This one IMO looks a lot prettier

and more elegant than the other finishes...


So I went ahead and bought myself a late birthday present, I'm pretty happy with it...

...but my wallet hurts [cursing]


After playing it for a good couple of hours, I remembered that taking pictures was a big part of New Guitar Day [flapper]




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I've never heard of White Blonde before. Nice colour!

A bit like the 'Mary Kaye' but a wee bit darker?



If'n I remember correctly several conversations with Forrest White that appeared in some magazines just prior to his demise, the original white blonde was an epic fail, as were a lot of their(his) early attempts at colors. Mary Kaye became the name of both the final attempt at a white blonde and the trim that went with it.


Too much...something in the wash for the original white blonde on ash. A similar idea for gold on mahogany greening up, the white blondes went a bit, uh, nutsack-y in tone after only a short time. When you see 55 Esquire re-fin over and over and over and over again, the re-fin is probably a favor!


At the visitor center they have a pitchuh of Forrest and Leo hanging around in front of a big stainless vat of something, Leo looking his usual amused by everything around him and Forrest pointing into the vat. It is, it turned out, a vat of the attempted white blonde wash that was well on it's way to becoming another yambag colored ash guitar.


That is my recollection. I don't think the Smith book about Leo went to into the painting stuff that mostly Forrest wanted to do. Forrests' book only goes a little. Lots of misses when they were first doing that.



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Great grab and the color (white blonde)the first time Iv'e ever heard of it looks killer.Especially with the maple fret-board,is the maple board as dark in person as it looks in the picture,it sets off the whole body color,amazing looks.Congrats!!!

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