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The '80s weren't that bad


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The '80s weren't that bad



Yes they were,, they sucked. lol

Sorry. But that's just me..


There was some good music but you really had to go looking for it.

The mainstream was really bad.


And as far as Ozzy, there was no better than the early Sabbath days for me. I didn't like 80's Ozzy. But again,, that's just me.



That's why opinions are like a$$holes,, everyone has one. lol

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Sorry only things good in the 80s were 70s carry overs like Ozzy & Whitesnake


ONLY thing awesome from the 80s was Guns N Roses.


The 80s saw KISS try to be Bon Jovi Aerosmith break up Black Sabbath broke up and Rainbow Sabbath was born.


Dio was also a carry over as was Van Halen


Sorry MOST everything that Kicked *** in the 80s came from the 70s





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They stopped being kiss and looking like Bon Jovi Warrant and Poison



Not to mention their sound went to suck on next 3 albums.


Crazy Nights is Bon Jovi-ish. Animalize and Asylum are all out glam metal.


Those albums don't suck. You just don't like them. I do.


Not my favorite KISS "style" but still good stuff. They sounded great live then.

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