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The new Hummingbird


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Had a fast chance to make a test tonite.


The strings are a bit too new and the high end action a bit too low.


Slightly over-reverbed, but never the less. . .





Sorry EA - no A/B with the '08.

Hadn't time for it and the strings are on different stages. Actually I'm not sure how much the difference could be heard, then again with Board-ears, , , YES

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Wow, even through the tiny speakers on an iPad, that guitar sounds full and rich! Excellent! I will have to give this a listen on proper speakers later.


My brother has a 2008 Hummingbird TV that I covet. I need to get one, but somehow I just keep buying slope shoulders!

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Thanx for all the comment lads – uplifting as always.


it has potential =) !

Agree more than a whole lot, JCV. And it becomes more and more obvious each time I pick this beauty up.


Repeat that the (Martin 12) strings are too new in the strip to really depict the nuances of the sound.


Yet I think it's possible to hear a bit of what I been blabbing about now and again :

The blend between the dry wood and the 'wet' splash* during certain strums – between the sweet glaze and the crisp raw more primal core.


STILL, , , , exactly these virtues do not come across as strong as they should.

Therefor it could be a good thing to make another test around New Year – with fallen strings, evaporated nitro and slightly mellower woods.


Stand by for chapter 2 -




*0:26 – 0:30 and here and there after 2:20



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