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Yeah... thing is, the "poster girls" of my youth are seldom doing such poses today - regardless they're more interesting folks usually than their granddaughters who now are the same age Grandma was in '65.



OK, de gustibus non est disputandum, but to my senses she still is a beauty many years later. It may depend on that I didn't see her before 2011 in a TV production made in 2009. However, I think most of the beauty is coming from deep within, who a person is, what she feels, thinks and does, and to me it's in the eyes in first order.


Just can't help to find her beautiful, may it be on a professional or an accidental fan pic with photoflash lighting...






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Guest Farnsbarns

Yay! I'm top poster for today! Haha biggest accomplishment of the week for me.


This is absolutely hillarious. I would put managing to wipe my own arse this morning as a higher achievement personally. I'm glad you feel good though.

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Yes, although we didn't know it at the time, of course.


We just wanted to get on the bill, so we asked our friends at KYA, (we were very close with Johnny Holliday), if we could open.

The Beatles obviously had planned to give up touring before, but Brian Epstein was in deep despair because of it and hoping they would change their mind. Indeed thereafter only came a few TV appearances and the performance on the top of the Apple building I think.

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