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I deserve my own thread.


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While it means absolutely nothing' date=' I just wanted to say...


Happy 1000th. post to me!


Thanks for putting up with all the BS I spew.

For Gillian Girl: To celebrate this milestone, I played Black Crowes Locust Street in your honor.




Congrats Gary you join a sainted few , Oh and cunkhead! (joke jeff)


In a BS contest I think you might gain a podium place, lot worse than you mate!



Me for instance!


All best



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#11 post as of today- I got a looong way to go. Hopefully me new J-185 TV will give some reason to post when it gets here....

congratulations? for spending 1000 posts worth of time away from your guitar and on the internet...

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Albertjohn.....if it is quality of posts that count' date=' perhaps I should hang up my keyboard?????[/quote']


Be careful what you say OWF, the Quality Assurance Police might read this. [-o<


Keep your keyboard where it is. There's plenty to come from it yet!

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+1 on that!


Long live the pointless and uninteresting!


BTW just had a bit of a look


cunkhead has rattled up 1347


Wily is 819

and KSD has 933


and how the hell did Thermionik get to 967?


I am now going to sulk so much that I will possibly stay on 822 for ever!


Oh yes this is a pointless unworthy post, but hell, it's nice to get off the subject of bridge pins sometimes



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