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I never believed I had so much stuff to get rid of or pack away.

The moving van will be here Monday to load it all up.

What we aren't taking with us, will go to the charity thrift store.

Then me, the misses, kids, dog and cat will be off on our greatest adventure yet.

Wish me luck. It's crunch time.

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And, an adventure it will be.


I predict you will soon be a pillar of the community.


I think that makes us a bit closer, which is kinda cool. Also, makes us both transplants from the Great State of California carving out our place in the Pacific Northwest.

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Dude? like, why?



Family. My wife wants to move home.

I don't have a problem with that. I'll get the best of both worlds.

Visit California as often as I like. I can work, hunt, fish, ski, bicycle and explore Idaho for the next 25 years of my life.

Besides, Jaxson50 lives there. [thumbup]

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Wishing you the very best in your new adventure. I've re-located many times and have YET to regret it. You'll meet new friends and still have the old ones. I lived in the East Valley of the Sun (Phoenix/Mesa) for many years and could never go back for good. Lake Charles, Louisiana for a decade or so. Texas, Oregon, Florida and Ohio as well.


Be safe, my friend.



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Moving ain't fun - but meeting new people and reestablishing oneself can be.


Never cared much for Cali - too many people living too close together. I like my fellow man, but prefer folks spread out a little. You should find that in Idaho, regardless that it's increasingly getting crowded too.


Best of luck on the move, and whatever comes next...



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