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I haven't seen Cumberbatch as Holmes (no TV for me) but remember the late Jeremy Brett was a really good Sherlock and brought a dark, slightly manic edge to the role.


However this gives me an unmissable opportunity to regale forum members with my very own truly awful Sherlock Holmes joke.....


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are out driving in Watson's shiny new automobile, and having a jolly time until suddenly the oil pressure gauge starts to waver and the light on the dashboard goes on.

"I say Holmes", says Watson, "I think we had better pull in at the next garage and purchase some lubricant!"

"Very well, Watson old chap, whatever's necessary to keep our motorised carriage on the road!"

"I say Holmes, while we're at it, would you like to split one of those new-fangled ice creams with me?"

"I don't think so, old boy, gives me a headache y'know, bad for the old grey matter - but you carry on."

"Gosh Holmes, I can't possibly eat a whole one and I don't think they'll sell me half an ice cream, surely?"

"Don't worry, Watson! Leave it to me - you just have to know how to address the merchant classes!"


They pull into the garage. Holmes gets out and goes to the kiosk, where the attendant says "yes sir, may I help you?"

And Sherlock Holmes says;

"Half a cone and oil, please."



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Holmes and Watson are pursing a criminal through the countryside and are forced to stop for the evening and set up camp. Late that night, Holmes says to Watson,


"Watson, are you sleeping?"


"What do you observe Watson?"

Watson thought for a moment then responded. "Well, meteor-logically, I see that the night is clear, with a slight chill, there is no frost, so I deduce the temperature is still above freezing. Astronomically, I see the planets Jupiter and Mars, the Moon is in its waning crescent phase leaving the sky dark for observation of many constellations for instance, Orion, there just above the horizon tells me that because of this being March, the time is near 1:45 at night. Astrologically, we are around 5° Pisces, so we are gradually approaching the end of the Age of Pisces and have entered the transitional phase towards actualisation of the Age of Aquarius. Theologically, the beauty of the starlit heavens tells me that God is in his heaven and all is right with the world."


They sat is silence for a moment. Then Watson said, "What do you observe Holmes?"


"Someone has stolen our tent."

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I always thought that, if and when they make the movie about YES, Benjamin Cumberbatch should be tapped to play Chris Squire.


Nobody could fill that perm, nobody.


"All of our songs are just songs. After Chris has a go at them for an hour, they become Yes songs." Steve Howe said that.



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