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New Jazz Bass neck day!


Finally got back to my Jazz Bass project. I scored a great deal on a loaded Mex body a few months ago. Right before Christmas I found a nice price on a bound replacement neck on eBay...






I want more of an aged/tinted/amber nitro finish, so I'm sanding down the clear nitro it came with and hitting it with an amber tinted nitro.







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Looks interesting....[thumbup]


Never seen aerosols of 'guitar lacquer' before....


Perhaps I should get out more....[unsure]


Although I can't ever imagine needing one..






Well, just in case... StewMac and ReRanch Guitar Finishing both sell cans of spray nitro in a variety of colors. They even stock Gibson goldtop which is how we did this baby...



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We must see more pics of this!!!


I think I posted a bunch last year. I built it last summer. Had a friend paint it for me using Re-Ranch's spray nitrocellulose lacquer in "Gibson gold-top". I love this guitar so much! I'll happily post all the pics I have of it. [biggrin]












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Never seen a gold top like that on a Tele!!


I hadn't either till I saw one in an old video. Then I obsessed over it! Did some research, and it turns out there was a short-lived Fender color in 1969 called Firemist gold. Very rare. I only managed to find one Tele in Firemist and it was too pricey for me.


More common is the Fender color Aztec gold which is VERY sparkley. There is a John 5 Squier model that is gold all over (headstock and hardware to). But that was not the look I wanted.


I wanted it to look like a Gold Top and I definitely wanted double binding, so I found a mahogany double-bound body on eBay. And luckily I have a friend who paints guitars. His finish work is flawless! Also I used all Callham hardware - the best there is - so it plays like a dream too.

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Cool project! Can't wait to see it finished.



Wow, I hope this project turns out as nice as that Tele.


Thanks! So far I've replaced the stock bridge with the heftier Classic Vibe version and added a tortoise shell pickguard. Have the tuners and neck plate already, but I'm stuck waiting on some more tinted lacquer to finish the neck right now. Otherwise I'd be done and playing it.







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Question... I finished spraying the neck last night. How long should I let it cure before putting on the tuners? I know nitrocellulose lacquer dries fast between coats, but I don't want the tuners to push into the finish the way they can with poly. Anyone know? A day? A week?



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