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I gotta stay out of guitar center...


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That is one interesting looking guitar!!


I'm not a fan of gold-plated hardware, so it would not be one that I would fancy, but that walnut finish sure is pretty.


I agree with everything you said. I have to add that the TP-6 tailpiece is my favoured one - I retrofitted this on all the eight Gibsons of mine allowing for. [thumbup]

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[biggrin] Well what to do is stay out of Guitar Center like it sez at the top!


Think of the $2299 you'll save!


OTOH if you're asking yourself that question you're already over half-way there.... :-k

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So, if I beat them down to 2 k even. Then traded my SG special, I could have something going. So I figure, I'm 55 now. If I live another 20 years, that's 240 months. That comes down to about $ 6.60 a month, or 22 cents a day... an 10 years from now, that .22 will really real like 10 cents... would you buy a SG for 22 cents a day.... [thumbup] or like 7 bucks a month.... seems cheap when you think of it that way....


Also, I played it... pretty bada$$

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