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Summer Breeze


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Oh, that mind jasmine.


We'll be dusting that one off as we in the US are three weeks from Memorial Day weekend, and the official kickoff of summer. Summer Breeze has lots of potential in the rhythm chunking department.


Are you still into the D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings here, as you were on your ex-Hummingbird V?


Nice & smoothe.

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I'd rate it a B- at best... maybe it is too high for me. Oh well, ya gotst to to try em to know what works and what doesn't!


62 I switched back to EJ16s. Sometimes you just need that sound...



Martin sent me a pack of their new titanium strings to test... Eventually I'll get around to it, but right now I want a little zing on all my guitars. My mood needs it.

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Hey Grunt...

I think I filled out a martin owners club survey, and thy sent me the strings to try out. They supposedly last months and months and stay in tune....

I think they will go in th D15 at its next string change.



Titanium strings eh ?

For xmen guitars

What next



Will have to check them out now 🙄

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I think it's great



How'd you end up getting strings to try ??

No offence


I also thought it sounded great. Really enjoying your vocal progression and expression youre building with the pipes Sal.

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That's a strong rendition, Sal. Tough song to sing. I thought you handled the high notes very well. You know, we hear an old time favorite and we wonder how the guy/gal hit some of those notes. In all likelihood they did it the way the rest of us have to do: they reach for it and stretch the vocal chords. I like the guitar playing too. You're in a good groove with the feeling and the sound. [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]

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